” I love the art of photography. I like sharing how I see beautiful emotions, majestic sunsets and heart felt love between two souls. “

10 Amazing Facts About ME 😉

1. I’m a 3rd Generation Photographer in our family.
2. I love travelling.
3. I have a weird fetish with trees 🙂
4. I LOVE seafoods!!!
5. I’m a sucker for artsy things and MUSIC.
6. I hate silent people (I’m very talkative hahaha!).
7. i have this weird habit of eating breakfast during lunch and dinner 😀
8. I was a computer programmer 😉
9. I’m an excellent COOK!!!
10. I hate and love politics! 😛

[ john nicolay ] 

One thought on “About

  1. Jay Dela Cruz says:

    Good day sir ….. Ask ko lang sana o pede ko bang malaman kung magkano ang package charge pag nagcover ka wedding event ??? Tentative venue grand palazzo royale!!! Hope to hear from your good office!!!

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